is an innovative all in one tv network publishing awesome content making today great. With one purpose, working together, making life awesome.

Mships is reinventing everything. Make this day great. Move humanity forward, make life great.

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Artist Directories: Ruth Hart She is awesome. Her work is truly great. #AnimalArt

Beats: Conrad Leonardi He's created four awesome albums. A true talent. #HipHop

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Mships is glad to feature you if you're a talent, a local talent, company, brand, group cause or event. Mships is about making life great, giving the local community a chance to reach an awesome audience, worldwide, and familiarize the world with what they're about, with products, services, events, discounts, new products, causes, charities, talents, performances, specials, local businesses through selfies and awesome well presented content with a good attitude putting the best foot forward. Mships has one mission, working together, making life awesome. Featuring: LocalBusinesses Causes Charities Events HappyHours HotGirls BeautifulWomen PrivateJets FashionPhotography Bikinis DrinkPhotography Blouses Sweaters Bags DrinkSelfies SettingSelfies BusinessSelfies SundayEvents Specials Treats Food Chefs Recipes Surfers Skateboarders Motorcycling Parks Desserts Style Fashion Christians Country Southern Cowboy Teens Awesomeness BeAwesome Deals Girls Schools Choirs SampleSales Contests Challenges Giveaways

Mships publishes awesome content with a collaborative team around the world. Content, marketers, sponsors. Mships pays royalties worldwide for quality content. Videos, short videos, audios, photography. Art, poetry, writing, music, style, howtos, guides, instructions, photography, modeling, singing, acting, poets, playrights, talents. Lots of businesses large and small. Local and global. If you want to provide content and are interested in making royalties while making life great, get in touch. Mships launches new talent, discovers new artists through money given to one world team in return for a comparatively small fee. If you want to familiarize the world with your small business, your funky business, your business, group, event, deal or special, send your content, a few selfies, along with permission to use it. Send local business announcements, show your products in a nice setting, offer a nice invitation, a feel good offer and message, a special discount. Make life great. Put your best foot forward. The feel good. Local community. Giving to the #mships1000 means you're in. Part of the solution. One thousand individuals, companies and brands putting in $1,000 each. To each round, ONE MILLION DOLLARS in PRIZE MONEY from Mships, paid to talents locally. Photographers, writers, artists, smart people who guide others, humanity. Making life worldwide great. Mships is the first mover in the positivity space, encompassing broadly all areas of publishing. Music, movies, poetry, beatboxing. News, sports, style, fashion, cars. Communities. Mships is designed for discovering and launching awesome new artists, creating all original content and collaborating, poets, writers, musicians, talents while offering awesome content around the world, making a difference in local communities, worldwide, and making life great. It's awesome. Fund Mships ROUND ONE in a local community. Learn more. Put in. Give in. Move life forward. Make life awesome. For everyone. Mships is watch ready. #Mships

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Mships is an innovative tv network about making life great. Make this day great. Making the most of this day, make life awesome.