HappinessOnEarth.com is e-Publishing. Short messages, suggestions, short stories about life.

Kind messages are appreciated, and inspiring.
Kindly comment. And forward the journey.
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Good natured publishing... Kind comments are appreciated.
Messages and stories, suggestions, that people appreciate, and value.
Messages and suggestions, that make the world a better place.
Inspiring people to do things, and act and interact in ways
that make this a better world. And create happiness, among us.

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HappinessOnEarth.com is publishing.
Short stories, kind messages, benign suggestions.
For making the world happy. For making this a happy world.
HappinessOnEarth.com collects kind messages
about generosity and kindness, and goodness.

What it is:
Messages, inspiring stories that help people be great.
With the world's guidance, in the spirit of kindness,
we create happiness, on Earth. Together. Working together.
Thank you for writing wonderful, enjoyable messages.
Thank you for suggestions, suggested
instructions, messages and short stories.

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