e-Publishing enriching messages, bright suggestions, delightful short stories.

Interact in kind ways, inside.
Your message inspires kindness, worldwide.
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Suggestions for ways to be kind, teachings and lessons,
inspirational stories. Messages and suggestions. Ways to be kind.
Publishing a monthly set of messages, suggestions, stories. is about teaching the world to be kind, daily.
Suggesting ways to be kind, making this a better world.

Part of messages make the world a super place. ©2012
Teach the world to be kind.
Through kind suggestions, benevolent
stories, encouraging messages. collects kind messages.
Messages, suggestions, short stories.
That teach people to be kind, encourage kindness.
You're invited to comment. Benign publishing.
Publishing enriching messages, bright
suggestions, delightful short stories.

Collecting, publishing interesting messages, for the world.
Motivating messages, informative suggestions, inspiring short stories.

Being kind can be inspiring.
Be kind, and it will come back to you.
Being kind is kind. And delightful. So be kind.
Thank you for writing wonderful messages.
Teach the world how to be kind, daily.
Thank you!...

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